part two

This is part two of the mini scarf!

Then after you put the string between the little brackets use the other string and tie that into a small knot. Then you want to start weaving, you want to weave in and out of the string. When you get to the end of the first weaving line that you did you want to do the same thing, except you want to weave out and then in and do that repeatedly in that pattern make sure it is tight. But not too tight that it looks like it is too tight or choked up. It will look like this Then when that string is all gone you want to switch to the other string that has a different color on it. Then you tie the knot and do the same thing, weave in and out. When you have finished it will look like thisIt will be a little difficult to take it off the loom so you want to gently take the string of the brackets and it will all collide together! Then when you take it will look like this!Hope you enjoy! Bye lovies!


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