how to make a recreation of artwork!

Hey guys, it’s Izzy. So some of you may know that my Mom and I recreated famous artwork from famous artists, and we were on Fox News! So. today I am going to teach you how to recreate your favorite artist’s painting, so lets get started!

MATERIALS: 1. A painting to recreate

2. Camera/phone

3. You will likely need a person to help set up the picture and take the picture (optional)

4. You should have get all the supplies like if the painting has a mirror in the background you should probably find a mirror to put in the background even the little things you should put in.


STEP 1: Put all of your materials were they should be so they are picture ready

STEP 2: Now it is time to make sure you are picture ready!

STEP 3: Make sure your camera is focused on you…..Now take it. I hope you guys enjoyed bye!


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