DIY Tote From A Placemat!

Do you want a nice crossover purse but they never have the designs you like? Or they are too expensive? Try this DIY (Do It Yourself) and get a new epic crossover purse!

Supplies Needed: A Woven Placemat (any color), Parachute cord- Or any other rope you have with you, Embroidery thread and needle, and scissors!

STEP 1: Fold the placemat in half and stitch the 2 open sides together with embroidery thread. You can use whatever color thread you would like!

STEP 2: Measure the length of your straps and cut. If you use multiple strands make sure you wrap them together with embroidery thread before stitching.

STEP 3: Stitch the straps in place. Stitch through the straps and also stitch the placemat closed around the straps so it stays nice and sturdy. 

STEP 4: Add anything that resembles you!

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed this DIY! I hope you use this tote often! So yeah! Bye!

Crossbody Tote DIY


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